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On this page are links you can check out at your leisure to find out more about massage therapy and becoming a massage therapist. Also, there is a hyperlink on online nursing programs toward the botttom of this webpage. I  am sorry I couldn't be there in person on the day of your job fair. I hope you will find this webpage and the hyperlinks helpful, as a substitute.
Click here to learn more about becoming a massage therapist (including such topics as career options, choosing the right program, state board requirements, schools and training programs, and downloading your printable, free copy of Your Massage and Bodywork Career.
Click here to learn more about massage therapy.
Click here to learn more about the laws regulating massage therapy in Indiana.
There are two main organizations to which massage therapists tend to belong. One is the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, also known as ABMP (the one of which I am a member) and the American Massage Therapy Association, also known as AMTA. Both organizations provide support to massage therapists. I "love" ABMP. It's a wonderful organization. It was through the massage therapy educational program I attended (at Harrison College, though previously called Indiana Business College) that I found out about ABMP. 
Click here to find  information on combining nursing and massage therapy-  i.e.,  the National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists, also known as NANMT. It was another very helpful organization to which I belonged, though the organization is no longer active.

Click here to find out more about online nursing educational programs.

To find out more about me and my practice of massage, you can check out three websites that I have created: this website, the Medicine Hands Massage Therapy website, and the Looking Glass Salon (out of which Medicine Hands Massage Therapy used to be based) in Milan. 
By the way, building a massage therapy practice takes much diligence, patience, and time, in my experience. I have found it helpful to work part time at another job (mine is nursing) and and to associate my massage practice with another business. One way to do this, of course, is by becoming an employee. The other way is what I do with my own business of self-employment, Medicine Hands Massage Therapy. I operate it out of the Looking Glass Salon in Milan so that I am not paying for all the rent, utilities, etc. Some people, also, like to work out of their homes, which definitely has tax advantages, but it is an option that I have not personally wanted to do.

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, you can call me at 812-614-4705 or 859-907-6417 (and leave a message at either number if I don't answer when you call), or email me at Please be sure to tell me you're a job fair or transition student, either way.

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